January 03, 2016

My wonderful and incredibly smart nine-year old Grandson (and CEO), Zachary, loves all things "space" so we decided to make some soaps in honour of some of the famous space movies. Our collection consists of Asteroid Soap, Galaxy Soap, Star Cluster Soap, Cosmic Soap, Hands Solo Soap (ha! I love the play on words...works well, don't you think? :)), The Borg Soap (for Star Trek fans) and Space Toast Soap (just sounds like a foe that Captain Kirk might have fought)! 
Zachary and I hope that you like our collection. They are all wonderfully creamy and skin-loving and smell out of this world!
Get some soon for the space lover in your family (even if it's you!) cuz these are limited editions and will be hard to "replicate". :)

God Bless!

Sincerely, Judy

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