Canadian Pine Soap Deck

Why use a Pine Soap Deck?

A soap deck is essential to extending the life of your beautiful handmade soaps, by keeping them dry and keeping your counter free of soap build up. These beautiful Canadian Pine Decks not only look fabulous, they help to absorb water and promote quicker drying of your soap, which results in the soap lasting longer. They have been crafted with slots in both directions, adding to the air flow that helps to keep your soaps dry. Great for the shower too!

Add a Pine Soap Deck when you are giving soap as a gift! The natural, unfinished wood grain goes with any kind of decor and make an excellent addition to an already wonderful gift!

Why choose a Pine Soap Deck over plastic or ceramic soap dishes?

• Pine stays flat and resists warping

• Canadian Pine has a wonderful, aromatic, natural, light aroma

• Your soap will not be sitting in a puddle of water as it can be with plastic or ceramic soap dishes

• Pine absorbs moisture and dries quickly

• it is lightweight and attractive

• Canadian Pine is a durable type of wood

• Pine contains several natural antimicrobial properties and is highly resistant to moisture and decay

• Unlike ceramic or plastic soap dishes, these Pine soap decks are highly resistant to breakage

Perfect for all our soaps!

Pine Soap Deck